Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Healthy Diets vs. Community

I just found an interesting site: Whole9 which recommends you follow their plan strictly for 30 days with no cheating even for holidays and other social events. Considering what whole foods advocates say about the various things they think are bad (I tend to follow Weston A. Price or Jordan Rubin, but Paleo seems easier), this is not a bad idea, but I have long been bothered by the problem about what to do with those events. If we are going to transform our society into one in which healthy food choices are the norm, we need to deal with celebrations not as places where you should just cheat a little, but as places where healthy, good tasting things are served. With both Purim and a wedding coming up in less than 30 days, I would like to know how to participate without cheating or depriving myself. For Purim, it is customary to make food/candy baskets to give to your friends and to the poor. What inexpensive things can I put in such a basket which will have an appropriately festive air while not damaging the health of those to whom I give a basket? If it were my wedding (which it isn't, but hopefully I will not have to wait too much longer) what could I serve that would still make it feel like a wedding, but be healthy for my guests? What can I bring for lunch to work that doesn't require a microwave or bread? What could people throw from homecoming and Fourth of July floats instead of candy? What foods ands desserts could someone bring to a pot luck (especially a Shabbat pot luck where it needs to be prepared the previous day and cannot be reheated)?